13 December, 2010

The Unexpected Rabbit.

The Hare who thought he was a rabbit, wandered around the woods. Inconsolable. Distraught. Bowed down by convergent forces of the immense gravity of his expectations and the harsh slap of reality's truth.

Dejectedly chewing on some weed or the other that sprouted in front of him, absent-minded he swallowed.

And lo and behold, he jumped back, for there was a puff of other-hued smoke and in its threads were revealed the most comely rabbit-shaped entity that he had encountered in his long and speckled career, dressed in something that suggested origins near desserts and camel dung.

"Come hither thou most vaunted membered Hare." she said in smoky dulcet tones.

The Hare was shocked into the bashfulness of a virgin, and said "But I have no bobbing white fluffy tail Rabbit Maiden, will I be enough for thee?"

The She-Rabbit tossed her veil and battered sinuous eyelashes that seemed alive with radiance, as she moved into the tall grass.

And her lingering voice pierced the fogginess in his mind. "You might not have a flashy tail good hare, but your rabbit is bigger."

And come hither he did.



UjjwalRaaj said...

Trippy stuff!

tumblingwords said...

Old style, typically Aadi. :)

Raindrop said...

am amazed at how these words flow ....totally unrelated yet make so much sense together :)