18 November, 2010

the side effects of snooze abuse
1. tendency to doze off/ daze off/ phase out at inconvenient moments( at some point of time(s) during the working day)
2. plethora of ideas brimming over, for posts...corresponding famine in assignmenting
3. caffeine overdose...and some more( tharuuu...tee hee hee...)
4. apathy to morning classes( actually all ...)
5. craving for munchies...and discovering all the food is gone
6.running in corridors late at night( @polo we need silencer shoes)
7.watching movies/ series/ manga/ indiscriminately and indefinitely
8. bleary eyes, puffy faces..(why dont they have beauty sleep in pills?)
9.finally managing to get up sometime around noon...only to have food and get back online...(while work just, like sits there)..( yeah just did that)
10.a broken alarm clock, or phone...( its just toooo irritating when they go off like that innit?)


Devaki S said...

I guess it's the end of the semester phase that we all go through.

P@ul@mi said...

but i hope we keep on writing stories even after this phase is over.

@ananya: i cant find those shoes :(
it has to be noise :P

Neeraja said...

i know wat u r saying. it is so bugging wen there is an overflow of ideas and none of them are usable to get grades! We shud have a course for such Random thots! Seriously!!! we wud all be such awesome students then. and if at all we have such a course, it shud be in the nyt, wen we r all so soo awake!!!

Oh no! Amazing it will be!!!

Tharini said...

Hey, for the record, m totally off coffee... Tea overdose, if you like. You forgot flapping in the corridors, breaking into song at random intervals and wondering what on earth that noise is, when the alarm goes off. and oh yeah, waking up for puri breakfast!

freewriter-living between the lines said...

@all ...haha..love the fact that we all think alike...@tharu point noted madame...