15 December, 2010

the virgin suicide

and sometimes she dropped a word here and there so that they could understand. pick that open ended sentence and fill those gaps. and at times she wished she had done otherwise, wiped those ashes before they mounted into that pile of disgust. her word was double-edged when she said "let me be". she meant otherwise. and few could fathom the distance that she put into them.

she felt the sharpness, the volume of liquid and she let herself be, for the one time and the last time.

13 December, 2010

The Unexpected Rabbit.

The Hare who thought he was a rabbit, wandered around the woods. Inconsolable. Distraught. Bowed down by convergent forces of the immense gravity of his expectations and the harsh slap of reality's truth.

Dejectedly chewing on some weed or the other that sprouted in front of him, absent-minded he swallowed.

And lo and behold, he jumped back, for there was a puff of other-hued smoke and in its threads were revealed the most comely rabbit-shaped entity that he had encountered in his long and speckled career, dressed in something that suggested origins near desserts and camel dung.

"Come hither thou most vaunted membered Hare." she said in smoky dulcet tones.

The Hare was shocked into the bashfulness of a virgin, and said "But I have no bobbing white fluffy tail Rabbit Maiden, will I be enough for thee?"

The She-Rabbit tossed her veil and battered sinuous eyelashes that seemed alive with radiance, as she moved into the tall grass.

And her lingering voice pierced the fogginess in his mind. "You might not have a flashy tail good hare, but your rabbit is bigger."

And come hither he did.


07 December, 2010

Twinkle, twinkle

I am sorry I am removing this post because I plan to send it to some publications. 

04 December, 2010


He browsed through his contacts directory, stopping exactly where he didn't want to. He almost dialed the number but remorse made him do otherwise. How could he hurt her so much? Running away from whatever was his, giving pain to the one person he loved the most?
He dialed again.
The battery died down.

p.s. You can read the post here too!!
p.s its my first 55 fiction!!

27 November, 2010


It was a  ritual. The first thing she would do on waking up was to check her phone for his absent texts/calls.  She had waited- ignored, unanswered, humiliated. At an uneventful moment ,she realized to her surprise,that the day had finally come when his name no longer brought a smile on her face.
p.s: I first published this story here

The Card

It was a Valentine's day card.
Jus like any other, 
it said
i love you.
it also said i miss you. 
and it had huge red hearts all over. 

but it was a special one.

what made it special was
that it was a card,
that was never sent. 

25 November, 2010

Have you met our writers?

Paulami: They say good things come in small packages and so they do. Better known as Polo, she loves giving people vacuum kisses in their ears. One word to describe her is C-U-T-E.

Tharini: And you thought only alcohol/smoking got you high, but this girl could get high on curd rice, although we are pretty sure its just air. She has the brightest smile ever and one word to describe her would be whopsidoodle!

Deboshree aka Debo: Always found in front of her laptop but she is no geek. A bag full of surprises, this girl can concoct awesome tea at 2a.m. for us nocturnals. The word for her is Minnie-mouse.

Devaki: Don't ever bother calling her on her cellphone, she doesn't even seem to like the device. Always bundled up under her mattress with a book but this girl also knows how to party. One word for her Daku-Devnath.

Ananya: A bag full of entertainment, she can mime, imitate as well as sing, and you definitely want some of that. Tiny accidents unfortunately have a way of tumbling over her. Hence we call her OH-NO-NA!

Amropali: Pretty and dainty, whatever she wears sets a trend. She loves her desserts and also obsessively checks Facebook. She definitely outdoes most of your collection of shoes! That is Mango/ Poli for you.

Aashi: She loves binging on outside food or so it seems to us. Always hooked onto Skype with her fancy headphones, Aashi somehow finds the most hilarious videos on the net. Usually people miscall her Asha. (I recommend you never to try that)

Neeraja: She has an obsession for colored lenses, loves to shop and has three blogs of her own. Any protest or strike in college and Neeraja is your star. Better known amongst her friends as Kitty.

Anwesha: A woman of chosen words and so so many expressions. Beware she suffers from bouts of unstoppable blabbering. Very talented and creative, this woman loves to draw. This tiny girl always walking around in shorts is better known as Teddy.

Mukta: Nocturnal probably by birth, this girl loves to talk. By talk I mean she is a walking talking Facebook herself. She probably gives FB a complex. Really. She also bathes at 3a.m for some strange reason. Her super cool initials are MJ! Aa-oo!

Monica: She loves to travel and wants to steal Aladdins's magic carpet for that purpose. Chocolate is her weakness and her best friend. A party animal who also loves to read. Usually known as Mon by most.

Mitu: She has a mini Big Bazaar in her cupboard and not to forget, also a medicine store. Nora Roberts and Mills & Boons are her secret bedtime companions; and she loves calling people over for '3a.m.chai'. Oops! I forgot, her name is Smriti.

23 November, 2010

Crime in 55 words

Murder she wrote, murder it was.
The motive was right but the time was not.
I was sure it could be the husband.
It all fit.
But how did she manage to write on the mirror?
Time, it didn’t fit.
I was outside. I heard it.
Wait, did I say that aloud?
Shit, everyone’s looking.

(my first try guys...ye i have assignments lined up 2 :P)

18 November, 2010

the side effects of snooze abuse
1. tendency to doze off/ daze off/ phase out at inconvenient moments( at some point of time(s) during the working day)
2. plethora of ideas brimming over, for posts...corresponding famine in assignmenting
3. caffeine overdose...and some more( tharuuu...tee hee hee...)
4. apathy to morning classes( actually all ...)
5. craving for munchies...and discovering all the food is gone
6.running in corridors late at night( @polo we need silencer shoes)
7.watching movies/ series/ manga/ indiscriminately and indefinitely
8. bleary eyes, puffy faces..(why dont they have beauty sleep in pills?)
9.finally managing to get up sometime around noon...only to have food and get back online...(while work just, like sits there)..( yeah just did that)
10.a broken alarm clock, or phone...( its just toooo irritating when they go off like that innit?)

and we begin!

The enchantments of the devil are always far too tempting but no matter what you say we rebel against the alarm clock. Alarm clock has been one of the most hated objects since our school lives i suppose. But in here we denounce it. We will abuse the snooze. To do that a bunch of us decided on a random night to start a new blog where we will feature our stories. Focusing not on a single short story or otherwise form but experimenting as we go. So watch out for the snooze attacks. 
And here I rest in peace!