18 November, 2010

and we begin!

The enchantments of the devil are always far too tempting but no matter what you say we rebel against the alarm clock. Alarm clock has been one of the most hated objects since our school lives i suppose. But in here we denounce it. We will abuse the snooze. To do that a bunch of us decided on a random night to start a new blog where we will feature our stories. Focusing not on a single short story or otherwise form but experimenting as we go. So watch out for the snooze attacks. 
And here I rest in peace!


Neeraja said...

alarm clocks have never irritated me much. but in turn, i think i have managed to irritate them (that is if they cud feel it) cos i always slept thru their wake up. bloody abuse it was, cos i set them and then insult them by not even botherin to evn move wen they shout.

But on another note, yeah, this is a new beginning and let us hope it all continues to stay awesome! :)


tumblingwords said...

Nocturnal creatures sipping on lots of 'chai' till they zone out and then strangely disappear and are found furiously typing and unblinkingly staring at their laptop screens. That is us. Stay tuned for some figments of imagination put forth on this blog in the form of fiction.
Monica Khatri signing out. ;)