25 November, 2010

Have you met our writers?

Paulami: They say good things come in small packages and so they do. Better known as Polo, she loves giving people vacuum kisses in their ears. One word to describe her is C-U-T-E.

Tharini: And you thought only alcohol/smoking got you high, but this girl could get high on curd rice, although we are pretty sure its just air. She has the brightest smile ever and one word to describe her would be whopsidoodle!

Deboshree aka Debo: Always found in front of her laptop but she is no geek. A bag full of surprises, this girl can concoct awesome tea at 2a.m. for us nocturnals. The word for her is Minnie-mouse.

Devaki: Don't ever bother calling her on her cellphone, she doesn't even seem to like the device. Always bundled up under her mattress with a book but this girl also knows how to party. One word for her Daku-Devnath.

Ananya: A bag full of entertainment, she can mime, imitate as well as sing, and you definitely want some of that. Tiny accidents unfortunately have a way of tumbling over her. Hence we call her OH-NO-NA!

Amropali: Pretty and dainty, whatever she wears sets a trend. She loves her desserts and also obsessively checks Facebook. She definitely outdoes most of your collection of shoes! That is Mango/ Poli for you.

Aashi: She loves binging on outside food or so it seems to us. Always hooked onto Skype with her fancy headphones, Aashi somehow finds the most hilarious videos on the net. Usually people miscall her Asha. (I recommend you never to try that)

Neeraja: She has an obsession for colored lenses, loves to shop and has three blogs of her own. Any protest or strike in college and Neeraja is your star. Better known amongst her friends as Kitty.

Anwesha: A woman of chosen words and so so many expressions. Beware she suffers from bouts of unstoppable blabbering. Very talented and creative, this woman loves to draw. This tiny girl always walking around in shorts is better known as Teddy.

Mukta: Nocturnal probably by birth, this girl loves to talk. By talk I mean she is a walking talking Facebook herself. She probably gives FB a complex. Really. She also bathes at 3a.m for some strange reason. Her super cool initials are MJ! Aa-oo!

Monica: She loves to travel and wants to steal Aladdins's magic carpet for that purpose. Chocolate is her weakness and her best friend. A party animal who also loves to read. Usually known as Mon by most.

Mitu: She has a mini Big Bazaar in her cupboard and not to forget, also a medicine store. Nora Roberts and Mills & Boons are her secret bedtime companions; and she loves calling people over for '3a.m.chai'. Oops! I forgot, her name is Smriti.

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