05 January, 2011

ask and you shall be....

they looked for answers
and responses
they looked for guiding lights and background scores
and the feel that comes from knowing and being known
in the persuasive bloodied ink of the fountain pen tips
in the shadowed claims and soothing word rain that fell from the sacred lips
in the soft glances and the narrowed eyes. in the laughter that echoed true or not, in the corridors of light.
in the warmth of encircled arms and the nod of listeners
in the cold of the swirling waters that numbed already cold minds
in the shine and glitter, in the crashing waves of chatter
in the wicked games and the fall for the blame
in the dances around the ever growing pit of building black fire
their senses wrapped around the shrinking world, and wrapped in the thickened gauze of merging selfhoods
the square inches of space below their feet, fast falling away as the atmosphere swallowed them whole
only few, ripped from the front of beauty
the stragglers, the doubters, foolish dreaming weak in the multitudes of encased, empowered, untouchable , unblemished
clinging on for dear life in the eye of a fast moving tornado
the only truth being ugly, cruel,absolute
all the world's stage, the cities of blinding lights,
the beckoning twinkle of fading stars. the soft cry of voices from hometown
headlights on full beam as lives and spheres collide
as clutched at straws and entwined fingers submerge in the dizzying, eddying currents in the swelling tides,
the music plays on
the movements never cease
the rest is still unwritten

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Wolf Daughter Designs said...


I am the artist of the image which you have above this poem. I don't mind if you use my work as long as you credit me properly and it would also be great if you could share a link back to my website:


Or you can link to my post about the drawing, which can be found here on Blogger:



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